It is the waning days of summer, August 23rd, 1882. You are in the great walled Megacity of Luce Eterna, jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Situated in Northern Italy, she stretches from the province of Milan, East to the harbors and canals of Venice, and finally, South, towards Genoa, where sits her military and naval might. The city houses four great gates, now over 200 years old, as well as a series of internal gates and walls that cordone off districts and mark old borders now long forgotten. She is governed not by a king, but a republic of Merchant Senators who saw the rise of her great walls many years before, and have shepharded the city towards prosperity.(edited)

Nearly 20 Years ago, a new shadow faced Luce Eterna, one not of bloodshed or death, but of uncertainty. Controversy. At the East Gate, came a knocking, beings known as Shadowfallen, or "Darkbloods" as men were wont to spit in venomous insult, sought asylum. While men had not faced the Shadowfallen in open war for nearly a hundred and fifty years, the plea took the city by storm. Men and women were divided, just as the Merchants Council was, few could come to an agreement over anything. On the one hand, they were Shadowfallen, beasts and monsters who had nearly laid mankind low so many years before. On the other? Men wanted to know peace, and this seemed like the first ray of it in just as many years. At last, the Council reached a decision, and would give to the Shadowfallen a wing of the East Ward, where they would be restricted to stay, until they could prove themselves as the humans they once were.

This decision was met with no shortage of criticism from the world over, and especially within Luce Eterna herself. The Hunter Legions, one of the last bastions of the Old Ways, was a very clear in it's distaste for the Shadowfallen. They pledged to become Wardens of the East Ward to watch the monsters, and have done so for the past 20 years. Tensions have long since eased, and rumors abound that the Council is preparing to offer the Shadowfallen citizenship in Luce Eterna on the anniversary of their plea. But all is not well, in Luce Eterna. The radical Pro-Human organization, the International Bureua of Paranormal Affairs ("BPA" for short) has moved into the city to oversee the Shadowfallen and counsel the Merchant Lords on matters concerning them. Outside the East Gate, something claws at the ancient doors, yearing to get inside. The city rests on the edge of a knife, and tensions are once more on the rise.

You are apart of a small coalition of Humans and Shadowfallen near the East Ward, serving with the Military on a more recent bill to allow some Shadowfallen a bit more (supervised) freedom within the city. Yours is the 13th Garrison of the Venice Crows, first squad of the Shadowfallen Coalition. This is your story.

Blackdawn Shadowfall

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