The standard of any army, the Soldier is resourceful and adaptive, always the first in and last out. Soldiers wear standard issue equipment, neither surpassing nor failing other standard kits. Soldiers start with 12 AC and has 2 Weapon Kits:

  • Bolt Action Carbine (24 Rounds, Long Range, 1d12), Light Six Shot Pistol (12 Rounds, Med Range, 2d4), Extra Ammunition (24 Carbine Rounds/18 Pistol Rounds)
  • Longsword (1d8), Shield (1d4, +3 AC), 5 Restoration Potions (24HP/12MP)

Specialized Infantry, Vanguards wear heavy armor, clad like knights of old. Vanguards are slower moving, and limited in range of motion and actions they can take while armored. Vanguards have 14 AC and 2 Weapon Kits:

  • Two-Handed Weapon (Axe/Mace/Sword, 2d10), 3 Restoration Potions (24HP/12MP)
  • One-Handed Weapon (Axe/Mace/Sword/Flail, 1d8), Tower Shield (+4 AC)

Specialized Infantry focusing on gadgets and explosives to control the battlefield indirectly. Engineers are skilled at Machinistry, taking control of/repairing military and civil equipment for their own use. Engineers have 10 AC, and 3 Weapon Kits:

  • Sapper – 6 Grenades (1d8 + Half Damage to nearby foes), 2 Satchel Charges (1d12 + Half Damage to all nearby foes), Light Six shot Pistol (18 Rounds, Med range, 2d4)
  • Combat – Trench Gun (24 Rounds, Short Range, 2d10), Colt Dragoon Six Shooter (18 Rounds, Med Range, 2d6), 3 Grenades (1d8 + Half Damage to nearby foes)​
  • ​​​​​​​Gadgeteer – Tool Kit (Required for Altering/Repairing/Repurposing any tech), Experimental Standard Turret (50 Rounds, 15HP, Med Range, 1d6 – Self Firing)

The lifeblood of contraband, illicit goods, and secret routes. Smugglers have an intimate knowledge of hidden routes and passages around the city that most people have no idea exist. Smugglers have 8 AC, and 2 Weapon Kits:

  • Longstaff (1d4), Crossbow (14 Bolts, 1d8, Reusable), Torch (1d4 + 2 Burn Damage per-turn (must be lit), provides illumination)
  • Longsword (1d8), Buckler (+2 AC), Light Six-Shooter (12 Rounds, Med Range, 2d4)

Mad scientists, frontline medics, the Alchemist covers a variety of roles, supporting friends and dampening foes. Alchemists have worldly knowledge of most potions and elixirs. Alchemists have 8 AC and 2 Weapon Kits:

  • Medic – Triage Kit (Required for severe injuries), 3 Restoration Grenades (Heals 2d8 in an area of effect), 3 Restoration Potions (24HP/12MP), Bolt Action Carbine (12 Rounds, Long Range, 2d4)
  • Support - 2 Acid Grenades (1d6 + Half Damage to nearby foes, +1 Burning Damage per turn), 2 Smoke Grenades (No Damage, reduces all attack modifiers by -5 to those attacking into and out of the smoke), 2 Molotovs (2d6 + Half Damage to all nearby foes, +1 Burning Damage per turn), Light Six Shot Pistol (18 Rounds, Med Range, 2d4)

Arguably the first men and woman to stand against the blight and the Shadowfall, the Hunter Legions have dwindled in recent years as Humanity has began to not only recover, but shove back. Hunters follow the old ways and wade into battle fearlessly. Hunters have 12 AC and 2 Weapon Kits:

  • Duelist - 2 1-Handed Weapons (Axe/Mace/Sword, 1d12), Crossbow (14 Bolts, Med Range, 1d8, Reusable), 5 Throwing Knives (Short Range, 1d4)
  • Cleric – 2 Handed Weapon (Axe/Mace/Sword, 2d10), 2 Flasks of Holy Water (1d6 + 2 Burning Damage per turn VS. Undead), Silver Crucifix (Spell Foci)

Once considered outcasts and heathens, tormented and killed by the fearful and the ignorant, Witches proved themselves valuable allies during the Shadowfall, repelling darkness and mending wounds. Witches have 8 AC and 2 Weapon Kits:

  • Healer – Oak Staff (1d4 Melee, Spell Foci), 3 Restoration Potions (24HP/12MP)
  • Geomancer – Obsidian Knife (1d6 Melee, Spell Foci), Golem Heart (Spell Foci – Offhand)
    Please see Magic section for useable spells


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