When the Blight began, the world was changed, for better or mostly for worst.  Old empires on the verge of greatness collapsed with a whimper, and great historical families met their greusome ends alongside those of their citizens and subjects.  As kingdoms fell and cities were flooded with refugees, only those with money and influence could salvage civilization.

Civilization is mostly settled within five megacities, each with differing foundations, cultures, and political climates.

  • Walls of Eden – Located within Modern France, centered at the Île-de-France
  • Valorhold – Located in Scandinavia, centered in Oslo
  • The Vault – Located in the British Isles, centered in London
  • Luce Eterna – Located in Northern Italy, centered at Genoa
  • New Eden – Located in Northeastern America, centered at Boston

To maintain humanity's survival, there are a number of organizations and military and political orders that are either largely influential or even transcend megacity politics.

  • IBPA – International Bureau of Paranormal Activity – A militant corporation formed to replace the Hunter Legions and protect humanity from darkness and evil, headquartered in London.
  • The Knights – Caballeros del Voto Sagrado - Commonly referred to by local translations, the Knights of the Sacred Vow is the last remaining organized Crusader Order of the Catholic See headquartered in Barcelona.
  • The Hunter Legions – Initially a confederation of humans organized to purposefully go out and hunt the darkness itself, with various loosely affiliated branches across the world.
  • The Witch Covens – Collectively, all covens of witches in the world cooperate with one another no matter how large or small to insure the survival of themselves and humanity.
  • The Sanguine – A term applied to those who are willing to cooperate with the Shadowfallen, whether they are organized or not.


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