Life is more than just combat this, kill that, fight him, etc. Skills are how proficient a character generally is in things outside of combat. Below is a list of available skills and what each is for, followed by Skill Points available to you based on race.

Charisma: How well you interact with the people of Luce Eterna.

Intimidate: How well you can intimidate the people of Luce Eterna.

Search: Your ability to perform a thorough search to find what you seek.

Spot: Your ability to notice things at a glance that seem important or out of place.

Tech: Your talent with operating and tinkering with the various machinistry of Luce Eterna.

Repair: Your talent with repairing and rebuilding the machinistry of Luce Eterna.

Medical: Your ability to heal and treat wounds outside of combat through more practical means.

Each Race has a number of skill points available to them, and more skillpoints can be awarded over time to these categories for feats and learning.

Humans: 10 Points
Lycanthropes: 7 Points
Vampires: 6 Points
Imps: 7 Points
Goblins: 8 Points
Orcs: 6 Points


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