British Royal Arms

The British Royal Arms were founded with the Royal Charter of King Robert the Warrior.  The British Army had proved ineffective in maintaining their armies in attempts to colonize and explore the world outside of the Vault, with a large issue being the various weights, measures, and designs of the weapons that hindered repairs and replacements in the field.  An infamous skirmish against Scottish witches and lycans which resulted in half a company of British crossbowman having weapons that could not be repaired or salvaged with parts from other weapons resulted in the loss of an entire colony outside the Vault's walls.  The Royal Charter nationalized all manufacturers and laborers in the Vault under the authority of a new state-run company, the British Royal Armory.  Everything from sword measurements, bolt lengths, and even the leather allowed for scabbards was standardized and, in time, such practices expanded to the civilian industries as well.  The company then split in two, with the British Royal Arms dealing specifically in military production.

Modern Weapons

Lee-Metford M1875 – Seeking to produce a rifle to outperform the French-produced Fusile Mle 1860 "Lebel", the King of England ordered Royal engineers to produce a cutting-edge rifle to grant British superiority.  Given the long, wide fields of England, France, and Germany, the rifle was purposefully designed to be a stable rifle that was more accurate and had a longer range than the Lebel.  With a rotating bolt and long barrel, the Lee-Metford M1875 carried a 5-round magazine that could be quickly reloaded using a clip that could hold 5 cartridges, allowing the slower firing rate to be offset by faster reloading.  Famously used for hunting and sniping, the Lee-Metford M1875 is a favorite of sharpshooters everywhere.


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