Fabrique Nationale Française

Prior to the Wall of Eden being erected, France was nearly as loose a hegemony as the German states in the Holy Roman Empire.  To this day the Duchies of Brittany, Provence, and Normandy remain strongly autonomous, with their dukes maintaining their own guards, army levies, and taxation in fealty to the crown at Paris.  To ensure their power and influence in the kingdom, these three Dukes (along with the Duke of Gascogne) unified their efforts and resources to create a singular manufacturing company to control the production of weapons and armor for the French Army.  With threats of rebellion from nearly half his nation under the control of the wild dukes, King François II capitulated to demands that the entire French Army be supplied by this new trade guild.  It wasn't until the rebellion of Gascogne and the subsequent extinction of that duchy under King Charles XII that the guild was nationalized and renamed.


Modern Weapons

Fusil Mle 1880 "Phillipe" – Rifle Model 1880 "Phillipe".  While many designed weapons through the necessity of war, the Walls of Eden and the Vault instead designed weapons to ensure their rival never grew stronger.  Originally the French paid no heed to the release of the British-made Lee-Metford M1875, seeing their Fusile Mle 1860 "Lebel" as equivalent in all manners except range.  After the assassination of King Louis Phillipe II by an ultranationalist using the extreme accurate range of the British rifle, the new King Phillipe VII ordered investment in a new, better, and more reliable rifle without limit on funding.  The result was the first rifle to implement a 60-degree rotating bolt, the Fusile Mle 1880 "Phillipe".  Implementing a 10-round box magazine fed from a 5-round strip clip, the new bolt design proved invaluably comfortable and quick in chambering rounds, nearly doubling the firing rate of French soldiers, while nearly matching the range of the British rifles.


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