Lega Lombarda

Of all the megacities known in Europe, the Luce Eterna is the one that stands out as an oddity.  Completely decentralized, the Luce Eterna military are not a singular army for the megacity but instead a couple dozen battalions, companies, or guard units formed by the various powerful and wealthy in the megacity, such as the Venetian Crows which are controlled by Venice, funded by Venice, supplied with Venetian crafts, and populated mostly by those living near Venice.  Due to this severe decentralization, the megacity's forces were rarely able to coordinate appropriately especially when weapon designs and sizes varied between units.  The Lega Lombarda (Lombard League) was formed specifically to address these issues, and while it has not solved all issues of standardizing weapons and arms, it has at least allowed factories across the megacity to acquire molds and plans for all weapons crafted (for a price), and has helped coordinate making more modern weapons to be standardized.  Unique among the megacities, the weapons are not named according to Luce Eterna, but instead to the primary investors, as noticed in the Schweizer M1880 being funded and designed by Swiss ex-patriots, and the Visconti M1882 being funded by Duke Visconti of Milan.

Modern Weapons

Schweizer Repetierkarabiner M1880 – Swiss Repeating Carbine Model 1880.  The carbine was designed on the Visconti Fucile M1860's straight-bolt firing design, but implemented the American-designed integral box magazine.  This allowed 6 rounds of ammunition to be loaded against a spring to allow for quick, accurate fire with little motion from the shooter.  Due to a shortage of dedicated factories either owned or operated by the Swiss, it was decided to make the rifle barrel and stock shorter, saving on construction and maintenance but losing effective distance.

Visconti Fucile M1882 - Visconti Rifle Model 1882.  As the Genoese and Venetians focused more on naval endeavors and trade profits, the Duke of Milan saw fit to ensure Milan's importance, power, and wealth through different means.  Seeking to update the aging armory of Luce Eterna in 1878, the Duke paid handsomely to import British-made Magazine-fed Lee-Metford M1875, by then the most modern rifle used by the four European Megacities.  Reverse engineering began immediately, but progressed slowly.  Designs were almost halted entirely when the French-made "Phillipe" Rifle was revealed in 1880, but a failure to secure a trade deal forced the Duke to invest heavily into his own project.  The rifle, named after the Dukes of Milan, was a wise investment.  Carrying a 10-round magazine reloaded from the top with a 5-round clip, the Visconti Fucile M1882 was highly reliable and had a faster firing rate using Italian straight-bolt designs rather than the slower British and French rotating bolts.


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