Mod Skandinavien Heraldik

Valorhold does not have a centralized manufacturing company that produces all their weapons, and it's considered a thing of pride that the weapons and armor designed by independent crafters are of such good quality that the only time they are damaged to the point of repair, the wielder was slain in the process.  The sole exception is the recently founded Mod Skandinavien Heraldik, created to specifically design Valorhold-designed firearms to avoid the problems that long-established companies in the Vault and the Wall of Eden first encountered.  As a result of the company's founding, many blacksmiths and armorers affiliated with Valorhold have begun to brand their weapons with the MSH branding, simply to ensure all know from whence the crafts originate.  Thus far the only known weapons are the "Glod" heavy carbine and an experimental heavy revolver.

Modern Weapons

Artillerkarabin M/78 "Glöð" – Artillery Carbine Model 1878 "Glod".  The survivors of Valorhold did not find a need for firearms for a long time.  Their long-time enemies, the Trolls, regenerate from projectile injuries and thus the most effective way to defeat them was always using flaming weapons up close and personal.  Until the Glod.  Having seen the advantages of firearms against non-Troll targets, inventors and engineers in Valorhold spent decades attempting to design ammunition that could be fired from English and French firearms that could somehow carry the flame to the enemy.  Eventually a successful ammunition was developed, combining alchemy and metallurgy into a large flat-headed round that would explode into flame milliseconds after impact, often erupting in flames either on the surface or just within their targets.  Given the large size of the projectiles, a new rifle was designed: The massive 18.5×76mm shells necessitated a large, heavy barreled carbine that used a tubular magazine.  Utilizing Italian straight-bolt designs proved most effective, and so 8 rounds were able to be quickly and carelessly loaded underneath the barrel of the carbine.  Given the heavy, durable design of the weapon, and the close combat it often necessitated, strong and heavy wood stocks were used and the carbine often finds itself affixed with under-slung ax blades or, if all else fails, a nice and heavy club that will never break.


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