Colt Manufacturing Company

Colt Manufacturing Company, shortened to simply Colt, was a venture founded by a New Eden musket and rifle maker, Jonathan Colt, to capitalize on his latest invention: the revolving chamber pistol.  This pistol, which was simply called the Colt Revolver, revolutionized the expansion and colonization of the New World outside the walls and beyond the forts of New Eden.  Able to fire six high callibre rounds limited to only the wielder's ability to pull the trigger quickly, it was widely used by cavalry, law enforcement, settlers, Hunter Legions, and outlaws.  Due to the design of the original Colt Revolver, replacement parts were often needed to repair the original models.  Jonathan Colt and his brother, New Eden Ranger Amery S. Colt, founded the Colt Manufacturing Company to create die cast and standardize every piece used in the production of further revolvers, ensuring that the weapons could be easily mass produced and parts cheaply and readily repaired.  Eventually Colt became the de facto weapon designer and fabricator in New Eden, branching out with multiple factories and pushing out final competition with the release of the Model 1870 Revolving Carbine.


Modern Weapons

Colt Model 1870 Revolving Carbine – While European powers were focusing on the advancements of their bolt action rifles, American Samuel Colt intended to extend dominance of American weapon manufacturing that started with his wildly successful Colt Revolving Pistol.  The next step was the unsuccesful 1855 Revolving Carbine, which failed to perform as well as British and French rifles.  Undeterred, and with funding from Spanish, French, and British immigrant businessmen, Colt spent ten years designing a more sturdy and more reliable revolving rifle.  In 1870, the word of New Eden changed forever.  The new Model 1870 Revolving Carbine sported new modular design.  The barrel and revolver assembly could be removed from the stock and replaced, allowing for higher calibre, longer barreled, or higher capacity variants.  Most popular was the .30-06 6-round revolving carbine, allowing fast, deadly, and accurate fire at medium and close ranges.  With revolver clip reloads, the New Eden military sports the faster firing weapon of the Megacities, though it lacks in range and does not have barrels or revolves chambered for European cartridges, limiting exports.


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