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Luce Eterna, the Jewel of the Mediterranean

General Rules

- Each Character has 100 Hitpoints, and 100 Mana Points. While this seems like a lot, this is because there are A: No levels, and B: No passive regeneration of HP/MP.

- Damage is still dealt/received via Dice Rolls vs Armor Class, with weapons being static Die, plus bonuses from Feats/Weapon Enchantments. Likewise, monsters/enemies have static damage rolls, but receive no bonuses.

- There is no resurrection for a Character that dies. I love you guys, but death is a thing, and it sucks, and I'm sorry if it occurs. :(

- Weapons/Armor/Classes will be pretty basic/straight-forward. This is a simplified system based on D&D, and it's here for us to tell a story outside of Warcraft/Final Fantasy/Other, and we're here to have fun.

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Main Page

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